Winfi is a project, where you can share your own WiFi, as well as connect to the internet over WiFi. You can earn money while sharing your WiFi.

WinFi solution have 2 mobile applications. WinFi Owner, WinFi User. Both applications are ready to download from App Store and Google Play markets.

You dont need any additional device to share or connect to WiFi, you just need these 2 mobile applications. WiFi owner is sharing his WiFi with WinFi Owner app.

User need to pay small daily fee over WinFi User app and connect and use internet in all WinFi points. Users will get unlimited access to all WinFi points.


WinFi Owner app is providing opportunity to WiFi owner to share his own WiFi and earn money. After onboarding with WinFi Owner app, WiFi owner shares his WiFi credentials (login, password, GPS location).

All statistics on usage, connections are shown in WinFi Owner app.

Download WinFi Owner app from App Store and Google Play.


With WinFi User app, you can connect to all existing WiFi points in WinFi network. Register and pay 0.25AZN daily to use Unlimited internet.

Download WinFi Owner app from App Store and Google Play.

Winfi is a WiFi sharing platform. It consists of 2 mobile applications.
Winfi Owner- To be used by WiFi Owner.
Winfi User- To be used by WiFi user.
Both mobile apps can be downloaded from iOS store and Android Market.
WinFi Owner will get 70% of revenue.
Daily/24h usage fee is 0.25AZN, monthly/720h usage fee is 6AZN
Winfi User can pay with bank card or Portmanat wallet.
No, usage is unlimited.
There is no limt on number of users or download speed.
Owner should enter to statistics page in WinFi Owner app to view number of connections and revenue generated.
You can withdraw money to bank card or Portmanat account. Minimum withdraw amount is 10AZN.
To ensure security and safety of the network, we suggest to add extra WiFi modem for Winfi service or to set a new secure route in the same WiFi modem.
Set a VPN connection prior connecting to Winfi.
Instructions for WinFi User
Instructions for WinFi Owner
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